Expect more than a component - request a solution

FLUX can help optimise your product and cut down management costs and your number of suppliers. We have the necessary experience and know-how to take full responsibility of your product and offer you a complete - plug 'n' play solution.


Below you can see some Flux solutions.

Unit 2

Customer Challenge
Several subcontractors, who each deliver their parts to customer, with the risk of failure and logistic challenge to have all the part in house for asssemply.

Purchase department use lot of time in administration, and assemply of the complete product in house.

Want to have one supplier.

Flux solution
95% of the product produced by FLUX and delivered to customer assempled, tested and packed in customerĀ“s standard package. Customer only need to mount top print circuit, and make final test.

Customer benefit
One supplier deliver a complete assembled unit saving internal time at assemply line.

Cost savings on materials.



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