Expect more than a component - request a solution

FLUX can help optimise your product and cut down management costs and your number of suppliers. We have the necessary experience and know-how to take full responsibility of your product and offer you a complete - plug 'n' play solution.


Below you can see some Flux solutions.

Unit 1

Customer Challenge
Demand of new product from the market and an intention for focusing at core busines was the reson to look for a new supplier, which could produce and understand the importance of the technical function of the products.

Flux solution
At Flux we do not see our customers solutions as "just another components".

Flux allways strive to deliver the best suitable solutions for our customer which brings even more benefits to our customers┬┤ application. Even more than the customer can imagined possible.

Customer benefit
Able to focus at core business, and outsource complete production and test to subcontractor.

One supplier deliver a complete assembled unit saving internal time at assemply line.




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