DIN-rail Mini-UPS


  • Output 12V/6A or 24V/3A
  • Input 100-265 VAC or DC
  • Short term current supply - up to 10A
  • Small dim. 160 x100x100 mm
  • Expansion possibilities: Up to 10 units
  • Includes wire-set and plugs
  • Easy mounting
  • 3 logic outputs
  • Remote shut down control terminals
  • Battery Control for max life time:
    - Charge-Current limit
    - Temp. feedback for battery charging
    - Under voltage lock-out
    - Over temperature shut down
    - Battery fuse


This Mini-UPS based on DIN-rail mount includes both 75W Power Supply as well as the needed energy storage in form of a battery pack.

Together with our well known EMT 7500 Series, this Battery Backup System using the latest Technology will support Backup Power for many years, supported by 3 Logic output for control and alert functions.

Energy saving Unit is based on 2 pcs 12V / 1,2A hour Lead-Acid Batteries, which will deliver up to 10A. The built-in electronics will secure a correct charge of the Batteries and secure that Power is available on terminals.
This Electronics will as well support your system with logic signals so that any remote reading of the Power status can be detected. By means of free relay - contact sets can be used for any logic function.

A built-in temp. feedback will, when connected to the EMT 7500 series adjust the power supply for lead acid battery charging with 2,3V/cell (adjusted with 3mV/°C).

The EMT 75UPS Series are mounted in solid aluminium housing with dual DIN-Rail brackets, and supplied with screw terminal connectors for easy installation/service. Wire set and necessary plugs will be delivered with the Mini-UPS.

Expanded Hold-up time can be achieved through parallel connection of up to 10 Battery Units.

(Will be delivered with necessary wire-sets for Plug 'n' Play)

Download datasheet

Video presentation of our Mini-UPS:

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