DIN-rail power supply 24 W - 2400 Series


  • Very compact (84x79x25mm)
  • Wide Input Range
  • 12, 15, 24 and +/-12 VDC
  • Parallelable
  • Easy Mounting
  • Plastic housing
EMT 2400 DIN Rail

EMT 2400 Series is a compact  24 Watt AC-DC Converter with at wide range of input power range.

Special models are available - please feel free to contact us.

Battery Charging:
When charging Lead Acid Batteries, adjust unit to shown charge voltage with no load connected. This will keep your battery charged to 90 - 96% under normal temp. conditions in standby operation.

Contact your battery supplier for technical information about charge voltage in standby operation and readjust unit to relevant voltage (with no load).

Parallel Coupling:
Units are factory adjusted, to a set of voltages to obtain best performance in parallel operation. If this adjustment is changed, then  readjust units to wanted output voltage (+/- 10mV) with no load for each unit, before connecting them in parallel.

When connecting wires to units in parallel, make these wires the same length from each unit to the common tie point - this ensures that the power supplies see the load with the same impedance. This will give the best powersharing & control under parallel operation and is especially important when the paralleled units are of the high current type.

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