DIN Rail Power Supplies 24-75W

The EMT 2400/7500 series are a compact line of wide input switch mode power supplies for DIN Rail mounting, and can be delivered with different output voltages to supply any electronic or electromechanical Load.

All of the EMT units are fully voltage regulated with current limit, and will survive a short, with no internal losses and without time limit. Units can be connected in parallel or in series, to fit into any present or future applications. This feature gives you the possibility to reduce service and reserve-stocks.

The wide input voltage range and the Hold-up time of >20 ms together with transient protection and low P/S capacitance, will make your process control electronics more resistant to external noise sources and reduce the risk of "Process Dropout".

All units can adjust voltage to suit almost any requirement and have the possibility to charge lead acid batteries with 2,3V/cell for supporting DC back-up systems.


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