Battery Separator/Switch for Battery Systems


  • Battery separator
  • Under voltage switch
  • Starter relay
  • Electronic fuse
  • Current can be flow both ways
  • Auto/manual on/off
  • Adjustable trigger voltage
  • Overtemp. protection
  • 500A current protection

Special models are available - please feel free to contact us.

EMT 2198 is developed with the latest SMD technology and high frequency stabilizers. It is designed to operate as a Battery Separator or a High Current Switch, and can be used in a large number of applica-tions with nearly no limits.
The unit uses only solid state devices and has no mechanical contacts, it will make no sparks or noise. This means, that the unit can be used even in critical environments.
By connecting two or more battery systems with this switch, it will allow you to charge all the batteries with almost no voltage drop.
The EMT 2198 can operate in Auto Mode, in Manual Mode or in a combination of both and is very easy to install.
With its capability of switching up to 500A, nearly any load can be connected.
Use it as a Electronic Separator, to separate two power systems. Using the EMT 2198 avoids the voltage drop problem known from diode separation, so your separated batteries will always stay charged to the maximum.
Used in cars, trucks, boats, emergency or military vehicles it can be connected to an emergency bat-tery, in this way the emergency battery can supply the vehicles starter - useful when the vehicle can't start on its normal battery.
The EMT 2198 can act as an Under Voltage switch to protect the battery against deep discharge or as a power relay for heavy duty loads. It can also act as a 500A Fuse with auto reset.

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