Battery Charger System


  • Output 12V/30A or 24V/15A
  • Input 100-265 VAC
  • Short term current up to 10A
  • Small dim. 213x132x78 mm
  • Expansion possibilitity up to 10 units
  • Includes wire-set and plugs
  • Easy mounting
  • 3 logic outputs
  • Remote shut down control terminals
  • Battery Control for max life time:
    - Charge-Current limit
    - Temp. feedback for battery charging
    - Under voltage lock-out
    - Over temperature shut down
    - Battery fuse
Power charger

EMT 42000-series is a wide range of power supplies, made for charging and maintaining multiple types of batteries. A professional solution, designed to give short charge times and a long battery life.
The built-in PFC will ensure that the current drawn follows the voltage waveform supplied, resulting in a power factor close to unity. The PFC makes the unit comply with international standards and will reduce the power drawn from the grid.
This state of the art power supply is developed according to the latest principles, with an efficiency as high as 87% and all the necessary indicators and protection needed allows you to draw the needed current - while the unit is charging the battery. This power supply can stay ON constantly without any damage to the battery. It automatically compensates for battery temperatures, low input-voltages etc.
DIP-switches can change the factory settings, so the unit can easily be adjusted to specific applications or batteries.
It is possible to connect these units in parallel (max. 10), to increase the charge current value to fit your application. By connecting the "Power Share" terminals between the units, all units will equally share the total charge current.
To ensure a proper inside temperature, the front plate is supplied with a temperature controlled fan. The fan has magnetic bearings and a 10 year minimum lifetime. It starts at approx. 40% output power and will regulate the cooling needed. This gives a mostly silent operation, with a long lifetime and freedom to mount the unit in any direction.
The unit is delivered in a seawater-proof aluminium housing with a protective black coating. The unit is over-voltage protected on inputs & outputs and is supplied with an On-Off switch & durable connectors.

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