Flux is a significant contributor to the international space industry with in excess of 120.000 components delivered to over 100 different space programs throughout Europe, Asia and USA.


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Human Space Flight

Flux experience
Flux is inside the Russian service module on the ISS, part of the European Columbus laboratory and part of the communications link between the ATV and the ISS,

In partnership with the United States, Russia, Japan and Canada, Europe is sharing in the greatest international project of to date - the International Space Station (ISS). Once completed, the 450-tonne International Space Station will have more than 1200 cubic metres of pressurised environment - enough to sustain seven crew and a vast array of scientific experiments.

Europe, working through ESA, is exclusively responsible for two key Station elements: the European Columbus laboratory and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV).

Flux Key Capabilities

  • Knowledge of the space industry needs and requirements
  • Mil-Std-981 compliant manufacturing and screening
  • Dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • ESA Space certified operators
  • Mil-PRF-27 qualified materials and processes
  • Capabilities in qualification and LAT testing
  • Industrial capacity to meet any volume
  • AS9100 certification

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