Flux is a significant contributor to the international space industry with in excess of 120.000 components delivered to over 100 different space programs throughout Europe, Asia and USA.


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Flux experience
Satellite telecommunication is the most mature of space applications. Starting almost 50 years ago, with the launch of the first telecommunications satellites Today telecommunications satellites are an integral part of everyone's life.

Flux's main space activity is for telecommunication satellites. We are in most Thales Alenia Space and Astrium payload equipment and our experience and industrial capacity have made us the preferred partner for constellation programs like ICO, Globalstar and Inmarsat

Flux has likewise developed a range of custom components for Alphabus / Alphasat - ESA's new telecommunication satellite which significantly extends existing telecommunication satellite range in terms of maximum payload power, dissipation and mass.

Flux Key Capabilities

  • Knowledge of the space industry needs and requirements
  • Mil-Std-981 compliant manufacturing and screening
  • Dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • ESA Space certified operators
  • Mil-PRF-27 qualified materials and processes
  • Capabilities in qualification and LAT testing
  • Industrial capacity to meet any volume
  • AS9100 certification

For further information about the Flux Set-up

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