Flux is a significant contributor to the international space industry with in excess of 120.000 components delivered to over 100 different space programs throughout Europe, Asia and USA.


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Earth Observation

Flux experience
Flux participated in the Envisat program. The largest Earth Observation spacecraft built to date. It carries ten highly sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth's land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps.

We are also powering the continuous and reliable meteorological observations from space to the European community from MetOp and Metesat Second Generation Satellites (MSG) and main supplier of Magnetic components to ESA's five new Earth Observation missions named Sentinels.

Flux has also provided components to the Japanese Information Gathering Satellites (IGS) and the Indian Space Organisation (ISRO) Cartographic satellites.

Flux Key Capabilities

  • Knowledge of the space industry needs and requirements
  • Mil-Std-981 compliant manufacturing and screening
  • Dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • ESA Space certified operators
  • Mil-PRF-27 qualified materials and processes
  • Capabilities in qualification and LAT testing
  • Industrial capacity to meet any volume
  • AS9100 certification

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