News 2020

ESCC Documentation - How does it work?

A graphic overview from the initial design process till final ESCC documentation approval and parts manufacturing


ESCC Qualification and Domain expansion

New products for Space application developed under ESA GSTP contract and yet more in line for ESCC Domain expansion.


Flux standard parts for Space and HiRel applications now available on

More than 600 standard parts are now available in MIL grade, MIL-STD Class B and S as well as ESCC Qualified.


Electronic Supply Article - Aldrig sket før: Dansk virksomhed udvikler komponentstandard til ESA

Article publiced in the Danish magazine Electronic Supply 14th of April 2020 in connection with Flux' receipt of ESA's Technology Flow Qualification.

Did you know that?

At Flux, we do not see your solution as being 'just another component'.

We acknowledge that our solution must make an impact, by improving the initial solution and by exceeding our customers expectations.

Therefore we always strive to deliver the best, most innovative & suitable solution. We succeed - again & again - in delivering innovative solutions which brings more benefits than was first expected of us.

We make your good ideas even better.

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