News 2017

Flux supplies parts for Renewable energy & EV's

Flux supports our worlds conversion to green energy. We develop and deliver parts for renewable energy sector, Electrical Vehicles and the SmartGrid infrastructure.

Flux supplies for Electrical Space Propulsion

In February 2017 Flux proudly supplied the first components for an Electrical Propulsion Unit to Airbus Defense & Space. Flux is also involved in mega-constellations such as OneWeb and the Ariane 6 launch vehicle.

Flux on IridiumNext

The first 10 satellites for Iridium's NEXT-Generation mobile voice and data relay network have successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Flux has supplied more than 10.000 components to the Iridium NEXT constellation.

Did you know that?

At Flux, we do not see your solution as being 'just another component'.

We acknowledge that our solution must make an impact, by improving the initial solution and by exceeding our customers expectations.

Therefore we always strive to deliver the best, most innovative & suitable solution. We succeed - again & again - in delivering innovative solutions which brings more benefits than was first expected of us.

We make your good ideas even better.

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